[1] One of the main objectives of Apex as part of Kultureline is to facilitate Online buying and selling of household products, like Detergents, Kitchenwares, electronics, etc and provide Freelance services/Handyman as needed, in New York, other parts of East Coast and other countries.   

[2] To congregate and facilitate growth/development of Local Shops, Supermarkets, Restaurants in New York and other parts of East Coast/US in general, by introducing them to Online Household markets.

[3]To provide a safe virtual environment for every online buyer in the US and other nations as needed.   



[1]Membership of Apex as part of Kultureline entails signing up or creation of an authentic account. No fraudulent,  fake, deceitful, confusing, or misleading services or accounts allowed. Member is expected to create an account with his or her real: name, e-mail accounts, passwords, date of birth, photo, etc. And member is expected to be able to login in and out, post jobs, post or buy services or view products as available online. And by virtue of signing-up, you have automatically acknowledged or agree that you will be personally responsible for your own activities and communicate or act within: Kultureline/Apex profit terms of services, New York state law, and the applicable federal law of the United State of America. You must be able to respect the right of other people within or outside the network. Member[s] has the right and control only over his or her own posting. And the right expressly does not include; uploading an infected: video, pictures, or any illegal content[s] into the network or modifying or hacking into another member's account[s], etc. If this is noted from any member, Apex profit/Kultureline reserves the right to revoke, terminate or delete the account of the person involved and proceed to handing over the account to the law enforcement agencies as requested.


Member[s] has the right and control only over his or her own data. Hence, collection or posting of another member`s data is strictly subjected to consent from the data owner. Platform collected Data, Codes, APIs, tools, Cache, etc are not for sale or transferable directly or indirectly to a broker, marketing, or selling agents. Use members access token data on the devices or account associated with the token only. And in case of third party Merger, data may only be use within your app. Member has right to protect his or her own data. He also has right to cancel his or her own platform account after stop using it. Member must not share access credentials outside the platform or organization.


Apex profit/Kultureline, as a global service or entity, is open and available to all members across the world. Member[s], in any nation, by accessing or using the service in any way, automatically agreed to abide with the rules, regulations, terms of services, schedules etc, as laid down by Kultureline/Apexprofit, based on New York or united state laws. Apex profit term may be available or interpreted, as due, in all nations. But in the case of discrepancies or interpretation disputes across the world, this English version instituted in New York will take pre-eminence.


All members are expected to comply with local copyright laws. And expected to use material he or she owns. Member owns all the: content, data, information and share-control of what he or she posted on Apex profit/Kultureline. But at the post of intellectual property[ies] like picture, video or other IP content material, member automatically grants Apex profit/Kultureline: as-needed non-exclusive, sub-licensed and world-wide royal-free usability/transferability license. However, this IP license terminates when the content or member`s account is been deleted, unless such content has been shared or downloaded prior to the deletion of the account. If the content[s] has been down loaded or shared before the account is been deleted, Apex profit/Kultureline may or may not be able to retrieve the content. “Account delete” at Apex profit/Kultureline may be used synonymously as “Account disable”. And in both, Apex profit/Kultureline may or may not retain restrictive back-up copies of the deleted file for a period of time in the manner similar to empting computer content into recycle bin. To protect the privacy of others then, members and non members are advised to avoid posting: contents, data information, pictures video etc they don’t own personally.


Member is expected to post authentic or verifiable product[s] or service[s] and provide commendable customer services. You are expected to charge fees for only product or services you provided satisfactorily. Apex profit/Kultureline may enforce or cancel account  of member with consistent negative feedbacks. Or member noted with  violation of terms of services. Customer[s] is also expected to provide a verifiable information in relation to his or her transactions.  Apex profit/Kultureline may also enforce or cancel account  of member or customer with fake or fraudulent account[s]/information.


Communicate[s] with our member[s] is mainly with emails. Hence, all member is expected to provide current, accessible and verifiable emails for alerts and verifications.


Each member[s] or non-member[s] in Apexprofit/Kultureline shall operate as an individual, independent person or autonomic entity in fulfilling his or her legitimate or respective functions and obligations hereunder. No arrangement in any form shall constitute any partnership or association or co-venture between members and Apex profit/Kultureline or any of its affiliates or guest at any time. No member or user, whether registered with Apex profit/Kultureline or not, or guest of any kind shall have power, authorities or right, to make any warrant or representation, implied or express to create or assume any obligation on behalf of Apex profit/Kultureline or to bind it in any manner.

APEX PROFIT/ILLEGAL BEHAVIOUS: As previously stated or highlighted, Apex profit is for legitimate by and selling.  And it does not support any illegal/abnormal behavior of any type. Neither does it condone: fraudulent idea, illegal practices, or any violence, vices, crimes or financial solicitation,. Member by virtue of signing up or signing in automatically agreed not to indulge in all [financial crime, fraudulent idea, illegal practices, or any violence, vices]. Members are advised to report any suspicion, violation etc, noted as promptly as possible. And Such action, if reported, investigated and confirmed, can result in the member being banned from using Apexprofit/kultureline or its affiliations. Asides, it can also result in the person/the issue being reported to law enforcement agencies and account or information of such person being handed over accordingly to the law enforcement agency on request. Though, Apexprofit/kultureline in order to safe-guide users, amongst other things, has established set of rules that facilitate prompt reporting of suspicious Online behaviors, onus or bulk of work still lies with user[s] not to encourage such behavior. WEBSITE IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT, MEMBER WILL BE ABLE TO REPORT  SUSPECIOUS BEHAVIOR THROUGH “FEEDBACK” THAT WILL BE CREATED SOON  AT THE WECOME PAGE OF APEX PROFIT MEMBERSHIP/VIOLATION OF TERMS

Member[s], in furtherance,  will be violating Apexprofit/Kultureline service terms by indulging in one but not limited to any of the following: [a] Posting fake or fraudulent product or services Registering with fake information or providing fake or fraudulent information for transactions.[c] Member may be violating Apexprofit/Kultureline terms of device by harassing or Bullying other members . Apexprofit/Kultureline supports basic fundamental human right of all member and non members alike. So, kindly allow members to buy and sell freely and safely on the platform. Also allow members to interact without intimidation[s]. Member or non-member directing abusive behavior towards: buyer[s], seller[s], or other private individuals, or other private users etc is a form of harassment and bullying. They are abnormal and unacceptable.


For the safety of member and non-member on this platform, Apexprofit/kultureline may remove or delete any Illegal post or Illegitimate services or violent post/offending contents posted on the website with or without warning to the poster or the person from where it is originated. Asides, if physical arm is suggested or imminent, Law enforcement agencies may be involved as necessary. Violence behavior or Online violent Threats in this premises may or not be limited to: organizing credible threat, organizing acts of real-world violence, indulging or organizing terrorism, or individual or group of individual glorifying act of terrorism or any violent criminal acts or Illegal post or Illegitimate services products. None of these behaviors is acceptable or tolerated in any part of site. Any of such, if reported or noticed, may be reported to the law enforcement agencies as needed, to provide safe environment to buying and selling.